Rachel Morgan

Rachel Morgan
MA candidate - German

Rachel Morgan earned a BA in both English and German studies from the University of Missouri and is currently working toward a masters in German studies. During her undergraduate career, she spent a semester studying abroad at Uni Bonn. Between October 2019 until July of 2021, she spent time at Phillips Universität Marburg where she taught English while polishing up her German language skills. Her extended stay in Marburg, made unique by the Covid-19 Pandemic, allowed her to experience different aspects of German culture often unavailable to regular study abroad students.


Her study interests include the relationship between the US military and Germany during the Occupation Period and religious and feminist theory in both German and English literature and film. Along with these academic interests, she plans to pursue further education in creative writing to one day become a fiction author. She has already published one short story called Der Glockenspielmord in the University of Tennessee’s graduate academic journal called Vernacular: New Connections in Language, Literature, & Culture.