SLLC offers training in languages, literatures,and cultures from all corners of the globe, giving Mizzou students the opportunity to become cross-cultural experts in an ever more internationalized world.

Gain knowledge of other cultures by studying one of 10 languages critical for success in seeking global opportunities, including Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

Create lifelong international friendships on Study Abroad programs ranging from Peru to Germany, from China to France; use your cross-cultural skills in service learning or in SLLC’s local or international internship programs; leverage our expertise in training future world language teachers through internships with local dual-language immersion preschools, in our state-approved teacher BA-certification  programs, or in continuing education with our Master’s in Language Teaching (MALT) program; pursue a Master's in French, German, or Spanish;  or study culture through a range of interdisciplinary courses & clusters: Migration Studies, Literary & Cultural Studies, Film and Visual Culture, and our renowned Afro-Romance Institute.


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of SLLC graduates have successful career outcomes within 6 months of graduation

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