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멈추지 말고 계속 해나가기만 한다면 늦어도 상관없다

Why study Korean

Study one of the most versatile languages in the world. Students who pursue a minor in Korean Studies at Mizzou learn the language and culture through a variety of classes and activities.

A photo of some building in Korea

Undergraduate Program

Where will your Korean Studies take you? Choose an academic program that aligns with your career goals. Pursue a minor in Korean Studies or East Asian Studies with an emphasis in Korean and a focus on a second cultural group. MU also offers a degree in International Studies or International Business with an emphasis in Korean Studies.

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Learn the fundamentals of the Korean language, then advance your speech and writing skills with more challenging courses. You will develop a better understanding of the Korean people and culture and explore the dynamics of the country’s politics.

Get involved

Institute for Korean Studies

Get active on campus at Korea-related events organized by the Asian Affairs Center. Get hands-on research experience as an undergraduate or graduate student. The Institute for Korean Studies is MU’s central hub for exploring Korean studies through research, teaching, campus programming, and public engagement. Tap into unique mentoring and networking opportunities through the institute’s Undergraduate and Graduate Fellows programs.

Clubs & Organizations
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Scholarships are available to support your studies. See if you qualify!

Study Abroad

Explore the Korean language and culture outside the classroom by participating in a study abroad program. Mizzou offers semester, summer, or year-long programs, so you can find the experience that works best for you.

Study Abroad Opportunities
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Experts in their field

Our faculty

Our collaborative community of world-class faculty are dedicated to research excellence and student success. 

Our Faculty
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Get started in Korean

To learn more about Korean courses at MU, or to ask about internships, fellowships, and study abroad opportunities, please contact SLLC, sllc@missouri.edu, to schedule an advising appointment.