Новый язык - это новая жизнь.

Why Study Russian

Students who study Russian at Mizzou learn the country’s language, literature, and culture. Students develop essential critical thinking and problem-solving skills, oral and written communication, and intercultural fluency. By developing a greater understanding of the world’s largest country, students can pursue a variety of professions including government, politics, and international relations and business. 

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Undergraduate Program

Pursue the degree program that best aligns with your academic and career goals. Our undergraduate program offers a degree and minor in Russian. Students study the foundations of the Russian language and learn how to speak, read, listen and write, while gaining a more in-depth understanding of the country’s culture and history.

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Graduate Program

The MA program in Russian and Slavonic Studies prepares students for admission to Ph.D. programs and for professional language careers in a variety of fields. Students receive training in the theory and history of Russian language and culture, then choose to concentrate on literary and artistic studies, or on the socio-political disciplines. National or global – your career possibilities are endless.

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From the fundamentals to an advanced level of study, our faculty will introduce you to the Russian language and lead you in an exploration of how the past has shaped the country’s modern identity. Get involved in undergraduate research as you develop your understanding of the language.

Get Involved

Russia, Eastern Europe, and Central Asia Club

Meet students who are also excited to learn about Russian language and culture. Join student groups on campus including the Russia, Eastern Europe, and Central Asia Club. Receive free tutoring in Russian courses from classmates and native speakers. It’s a great way to connect with other students outside the classroom and participate in events that share the culture and history of Russia, Eastern Europe, and Central Asia.

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Scholarships are available for students who pursue study abroad opportunities and make outstanding contributions to their Russian studies. See if you qualify!

Study Abroad

Expand your understanding of the Russian language and culture with a study abroad experience. Students can spend a summer, semester, or full academic year studying in Moscow, St. Petersburg, or Kazakhstan. 

Study Abroad Opportunities
A photo of a building in Russia

Experts in their field

Our faculty

Our faculty are dedicated to student success and research excellence. Their proficiency-focused approach will help students master their understanding of the Russian language and culture.

Our faculty
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Get started in Russian

To learn more about Russian courses at MU, or to ask about internships, fellowships, and study abroad opportunities, please contact Timothy Langen,, director of undergraduate studies in Russian, to schedule an advising appointment.