Studying French at Mizzou opens doors to degrees in International Studies and International Business, as well as journalism, health sciences, and global public health. Our graduates, who have become truly global citizens with deep understanding of Francophone culture, have gone on to pursue careers in business, diplomacy, humanitarianism, teaching, and journalism. 

We offer flexible, engaging options for our French majors and minors, including:

  • Flexible course formats, including our signature Passeport Culturel, an exciting new online capstone with project-based learning and credit assigned for attending Francophone events
  • Study & internships abroad:  faculty-led summer programs in Lyon offering both cultural immersion & business internship opportunities, in both English & French
  • Partnerships with local & regional businesses to offer service learning and local internship opportunities
  • Teacher training and certification programs:  in cooperation with the School of Education, students in our program can also become certified to teach foreign languages in our BA+Education program, and at the Master's Level educators can continue to develop their knowledge in our MALT.  For more, contact Dr. Dawn Heston at
  • A wide variety of courses in literature, film, gender studies, & cultural studies. Recent courses include:  Francophone African and Haitian literature and culture; Race and feminism in France; the “city” in French literature; Contemporary France; Francophone cinema; and Francophone literature, cinema, and public health. 
  • Participation in a vibrant community of French speakers in Columbia from all around the Francophone world, in conjunction with our faculty's role in the Afro-Romance Institute
  • Showcase your French skills by participating in our chapter of Pi Delta Phi, the oldest French studies national honor society.  To apply, email Prof. Muratore

SLLC’s French program reflects the international importance of the French language and the cultural diversity of the French speaking world.  French is the official language of over 29 countries worldwide, and is spoken by 274 million people around the globe, including: Canada; the Caribbean and Latin America (Haiti, Martinique, Guadeloupe, French Guiana); the Indian Ocean countries of Madagascar and Mauritius; North Africa (Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria), several West African countries (Senegal, the Ivory Coast, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Benin, Cameroon, and many others), and in Europe, not only France, but also Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Monaco.   French is the procedural language of the European Union and the only language used for deliberations at the EU Court of Justice.  It is also one of the main “working languages” of the United Nations.  

For more information, please contact:  Prof. Megan Moore,