Studying Italian language and culture is a gateway to the world of great and lasting achievements in the arts and sciences. Knowledge of the Italian language opens doors to professions in the culinary, tourism and hospitality fields, in which Italy is internationally renowned. Italy is a world leader in interior design, fashion, furniture production, graphic design, as well as in machine tool manufacturing, robotics, shipbuilding, and space engineering.

Studying Italian at Mizzou adds essential skills to degrees in music, art history and archeology, architectural studies, international studies, textile and apparel management, food science and nutrition, and can strengthen careers in business, engineering, global public health, film studies, literature, philosophy, religious studies, and journalism.

The School of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures offers a minor in Italian Studies through a flexible and engaging program of study. Students can choose among courses offered by Italian faculty, across disciplines, and in study-abroad programs. Recent courses include Italian Civilization, Italian Cinema, Transnational and Migrant Cinema, and courses on the literary global sensation Elena Ferrante.

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