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Latinx Studies Minor

Are you interested in learning about the history, culture, literary traditions, and current political/socio-economic issues regarding the U.S. population of Latin American origin? In accordance with the commitment to excellence in education, the School of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures has established the Latinx Studies minor, an interdisciplinary and international program that focuses on the various Latinx communities living in the United States. There are three major groups: Mexican Americans, Puerto Rican Americans, and Cuban Americans; however, other groups (Dominican American, Colombian American, Peruvian American, and more) have been increasing their numbers in recent years as well.

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About the Program

This program will forge together the experiences and collaborations of faculty members from different disciplines and help promote a dialogue to bridge the growing communities of Latinos/as in Missouri, the Midwest, and the country at large. As such, this program will allow you to choose among a vast array of career opportunities such as: Business, Law, Public Policy, Health Care, Government, Journalism, Music, Fine Arts, Education, Film, Ag Education, Ag Business Management, Non-governmental organizations, counseling psychology – the possibilities are endless!


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This minor will provide you with the opportunity to enhance your knowledge of the complexity and diversity that shape the intersectional Latinx identities in terms of race, gender, national origin, and language preference. Fluency in Spanish is not a requirement. You will be studying about this demographic presence that is consistently enriching the cultural, social, and political development of modern American society. Please contact Guadalupe Perez-Anzaldo if you have any questions or would like to schedule an advising appointment.