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Decolonizing Our Research: A Roundtable

Every field has its canons and its accepted methodologies, and these phenomena have been shaped and continue to be shaped by the forces of imperialism, colonialism and neo-colonialism. That is, the things we study and the ways we study them frequently reflect and reinforce relations of domination and extraction between the imperial metropole and its putative peripheries, often but not always located in the global south. In this lightning roundtable, SLLC faculty and graduate students from across the School will discuss how their research seeks to resist and deconstruct colonial legacies. Participants will be asked to contribute a very brief, 5-minute overview of how they work to “decolonize” their research, and these micro-presentations will be followed by time for Q&A and discussion.



Jack Draper (Portuguese)

Seth Howes (German)

Marcel Jaentschke (Spanish)

Valerie Kaussen (French)

Ivan Reyna (Spanish)

Seungkwon You (Korean)