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  • Oliver Seifert-Gram, MA student, German
  • Vanessa Awa, PhD student, French
  • Dr. Elena Doludenko, Visiting Assistant Professor, Russian


Feminist activists, trans/gender non-conforming humans, and confused language learners grappling with (de)gendering nouns, verbs, and adjectives have long sparked debate over the grammar of so-called “gendered” languages. Through a cross-discussion of French, Russian, and German, this panel will explore broader, more gender-thoughtful approaches to second-language instruction by examining the ways in which different languages are gendered by, as well as gender their speakers. Topics for discussion will include language as a source of gender confusion or rigidity, solutions for teaching “gendered” languages inclusively, and the implications of language shifts (or lack thereof) towards gender neutrality on inclusive language instruction. Come with your own stories and approaches. Our panelists will offer brief presentations in order to open out a broader discussion.

To register & get the Zoom link, contact: Martha Kelly (kellymartha@missouri.edu)