110 Arts and Science Building (Allen Auditorium)

Join Roberto Zurbano and Juanamaria Cordones-Cook for a screening of Zurbano and his Racial Consciousness / y su conciencia racial  (2022), ca. 44 minutes long with English subtitles. Direction and production by Juanamaría Cordones-Cook. Presentation of a testimonial by Roberto Zurbano Torres (Cuba, 1965), a prominent cultural critic and literary scholar who has been an activist and a leading scholar on racial issues.

In his personal history, Zurbano lucidly addresses racial issues while he guides us through the development of his intellectual and racial consciousness starting with his humble origins in a small village. In the process he articulates reflections on the socio-historical and cultural role blacks played in the development of the nation, and on the opportunities provided by the 1959 Cuban revolution that did not effectively address racism.

Zurbano argues that in Cuba there is racism and neo-racism that have been silenced in public discourse. This testimony is enriched by hip-hop music by Obsesión.