This October, the films of Professor Juanamaría Cordones-Cook will be celebrated with the film festival Cuban Women of the African Diaspora - Inspirations for Change. Virtual screenings will take place on each Sunday of the month, starting at 5PM Pacific (7PM Central): 

October 2nd: Belkis Ayón: Grabado de desasosiego (     

October 9th: Cimarroneando con G.H and Gisela Arandia: Intelectualidad negra después de 1959 (

October 16th: Georgina Herrera: mujer, negra y pobre (

October 23rd: Fátima Patterson: Raza, género y teatro (     

October 30th: Nancy Morejón: Paisajes célebres (               

All films in this series were produced and directed by Professor Cordones-Cook, and will feature English subtitles. Presented Online via Hothouse, the event is also co-sponsored by WILPF-US, US Women and Cuba Collaboration, and The Literacy Project.  Program will stream on 3 platforms and each program will be up for 24 hrs. Youtube links are above; for other festival formats, see also Facebook ( and Twitch (

Flyer for Cuban Women of the African Diaspora Film Festival