Dr. Mary Jo Muratore, Curators' Professor and Professor of French Studies and Comparative Literature, has published her latest monograph, Écriture, différence et recalibrage: Pour une nouvelle pathologie du discours postcolonial, with Éditions L'Harmattan (Paris).

Engaging with the works of, among others, Joseph Zobel, Ferdinand Oyono, and Sembène Ousmane, Dr. Muratore's wide-ranging study discerns that "the struggle for metaphysical and linguistic liberation is eloquently metaphorized and filled with regenerative signifiers," even if these are often "tainted by the past." Ultimately, "from the vestiges of yesteryear's immobility" there "emerges a counter-discourse: a new and irrevocable poetics of postcolonial triumph." 

More information about Dr. Muratore's book can be found at the publisher's website. Congratulations, Dr. Muratore!

Cover of Mary Jo Muratore, Écriture, différence et recalibrage