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Associate Professor of German; School of Languages, Literatures & Cultures
221H Arts & Science Building
573-882-1915 (Main GRS Office)

Ph.D, Cornell University

B.A., Reed College


My research interests span the literary, intellectual and media history of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. My first book is an interdisciplinary study of the Romantic and Idealist lecture that intervenes in media history, the history of scholarly culture, theories of publicity, and Romantic legacies in aesthetic and political discourse. My second book is a study of temporality and seriality in the nineteenth-century periodical, titled Writing Time: Studies in Serial Literature, 1780-1850 (Cornell University Press, 2023). This project was supported by a grant from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. Current research includes work on German-American journalists and transatlantic publishing networks.

Other recent projects include a co-edited and co-translated collection of essays by Reinhart Koselleck (Stanford University Press, 2018), and a co-edited journal special issue on periodical literature in the nineteenth century. Previous projects include a co-edited volume of essays entitled Performing Knowledge, 1750-1850 and a co-edited volume of essays on ephemerality as a central concept of the long nineteenth century.

I have served as the book review editor at the Goethe Yearbook and on the editorial board of the German Quarterly. In 2022, I was awarded the MU Chancellor’s Award for Outstanding Research & Creative Activity in the Performing Arts & Humanities.


Current and recent courses include a graduate-level seminar on small forms and seriality, an undergraduate senior seminar on travel and migration in contemporary German literature and film, an undergraduate course on German immigration to Missouri and the Midwest, and a course on web-blogging about culture and current events in Europe and around the world.

Selected Publications
book cover
Writing Time: Studies in Serial Literature 1780-1850
Connected by the Ear: The Media, Pedagogy, and Politics of the Romantic Lecture. Finalist, Novalis Preis, 2014.
Connected by the Ear: The Media, Pedagogy, and Politics of the Romantic Lecture

Finalist, Novalis Preis, 2014.

Reinhart Koselleck: Sediments of Time. On Possible Histories
Edited Book
Reinhart Koselleck: Sediments of Time. On Possible Histories

Co-edited and co-translated with Stefan-Ludwig Hoffmann (Stanford University Press, 2018).

Edited Book
Flüchtigkeit der Moderne: Eigenzeiten des Ephemeren im langen 19.Jahrhundert

Co-edited with Michael Bies and Dirk Oschmann (Wehrhahn 2017).

Performing Knowledge, 1750-1850
Edited Book
Performing Knowledge, 1750-1850

Co-edited with Mary Helen Dupree (De Gruyter 2015), in the series Interdisciplinary German Cultural Studies.

Edited Journal

Double special issue of Colloquia Germanica  49:2/3 (Published 2018) on “Periodical Literature in the Nineteenth Century,” co-edited with Vance Byrd.

Edited Journal

Special issue of Seminar, 49:2 (2013), on “The Eighteenth-Century Novel,” co-edited with Matt Erlin.

Articles (selected)

“Rhetoric and public speech in the era of German Romanticism.” Cambridge History of Rhetoric, edited by Dietmar Till and Adam Potkay. Cambridge University Press, 2024.

“Serial Inventories: Cataloguing the Age of Paper.” German and European cultural histories, 1760-1830: Between network and narrative, edited by Birgit Tautz and Crystal Hall (Liverpool University Press, 2023), 109-138.

“Visualizing the End: Nation, Empire, and Neo-Roman Mimesis in Keller and Fontane.” German Literature as a Transnational Field of Production, edited by Lynne Tatlock and Kurt Beals (Boydell and Brewer, 2023), 149-169.

Review essay of Bettina Brandt and Britta Hochkirchen (eds), Reinhart Koselleck und das Bild. Theory, Culture, and Society (2022).

“Heine’s Serial Histories of the Revolution.” In: The Truth and Logic of the Series, edited by Malika Maskarenic (de Gruyter, 2023).

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