Minoring in Portuguese


To promote further study amongst MU students of the Portuguese language and the literature and culture of Lusophone areas. The minor emphasizes the language, literature, and culture of the largest Lusophone country, Brazil. Students may also pursue studies for credit of other areas including Lusophone Africa and Portugal (courses in these latter areas of study will be primarily available through study abroad in Brazil and Portugal).


NOTE: Students interested in the Minor should contact the Portuguese Coordinator, Professor Jack Draper ( draperj@missouri.edu ), and schedule a planning meeting for how to complete the Minor including the appropriate, currently available courses and study abroad program. Students may obtain a minor in Luso-Brazilian Area Studies by completing at least 9 credits in the Portuguese language beyond Portuguese 2100, e.g. Portuguese 2160, 3160, and 4960.  An additional 6 credits must be chosen from the following list:

  • Portuguese 2310: Brazilian Civilization
  • Portuguese 3001/3005: Topics in Portuguese
  • Portuguese 3420: Survey of Brazilian Literature in Translation
  • Portuguese 3875: Brazilian Cinema
  • Spanish 2330: Latin American Civilization
  • Luso-Brazilian culture/topics emphasis courses offered by other programs/departments (e.g. Anthropology, History, Music, Political Science)

Normally 9 credits must be completed in residence at MU. However, students are permitted to count 6 credits toward the minor from an officially sanctioned semester or year-long foreign study program in Brazil or Portugal. These include the MU in Rio de Janeiro program at the Pontifícia Universidade Católica and the CIEE Universidade Nova de Lisboa program.

Additionally, course work must be completed with a grade in the C range or higher in each of the required courses and students must maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0 in the minor.

Tentative List of Relevant Courses from Other Departments

The individual courses on this list will vary in availability and relevance to the Luso-Brazilian Area Studies Minor from semester to semester, based on the specific course offerings and syllabi of the respective departments and instructors. Studies of Luso-Brazilian cultures and/or peoples will need to be a significant component of any course in order to be counted towards the requirements of the Minor.

  • Anthropology 3380: Native American Religions
  • Anthropology 3380H: Native American Religions – Honors
  • Anthropology 4670: Archaeology of South America
  • Anthropology 4680: Cultures and Peoples of the Amazon
  • History 1800: History of Modern Africa
  • History 1840: Colonial Latin America
  • History 1850: Latin America Since Independence
  • History 4970: Undergraduate Seminar in Third World History
  • Music 4318: Studies in World Music
  • Political Science 4600: Latin American Politics
  • Political Science 4720: Third World Politics
  • Sociology 4230: Women, Development, and Globalization