Chinese Studies Minor

The Chinese Studies minor consists of 15 credit hours in Chinese Studies beyond Elementary Chinese I & II (Chinese 1100 & 1200), 9 of which must be completed on campus or as part of an MU faculty led study abroad program.  At least 9 of these credit hours must be earned by taking Chinese language courses beyond the elementary level.  The remaining 6 credit hours can be earned by taking non-language Chinese culture courses.  Courses from other departments that relate to China can also be used to satisfy these requirements.

East Asian Studies Minor

See the East Asian Studies Catalog Page for more details.

Students select 15 credits from at least two departments and from two different areas of cultural emphasis (Korean, Chinese, or Japanese). At least 6 credits must be at the 2000 level or above. The elementary levels of language may not be used to meet any of these hour requirements for the minor.  Intermediate level language courses in Korean, Chinese and Japanese (at the 2000 level and higher) may be used to meet these requirements.  The Office of Office of Multidiscplinary Degrees, 114 Switzler Hall, provides student advisement.

BA in International Studies with an East Asian Area Emphasis

Contact the International Studies Program for more information.

East Asian studies is one of the emphasis areas in the international studies major. The program is multidisciplinary, encompassing course work from the departments of Geography, History, Anthropology, Religious Studies, Political Science and Philosophy, as well as in Chinese, Japanese and Korean. The program focuses on creating an understanding and awareness of the culture, history, politics, geography and languages of the East Asian countries, with an emphasis in China, Japan or Korea. Students are encouraged to begin study of their foreign language no later than the sophomore year. Students should consult with the International Center about appropriate locations for their study abroad experience.

BA in International Business with an East Asian Area Emphasis

Contact the International Studies Program for more information.

Declaring a Minor

To declare a minor visit the Registrar's Minor Declaration page.