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This list provides a forum for Calls for Papers in all areas related to the field of German Studies as well as on interdisciplinary and comparative topics. Please take advantage of this resource by subscribing and by posting on this list calls for papers for journals, conferences and conference panels. To protect your time, the content of postings is limited to Calls for Papers.

Subscribing and Unsubscribing On-line
You can subscribe to, or unsubscribe from, the list on-line at: This web-page also allows you to suspend your receipt of CFP e-mail temporarily while you are on vacation. To halt the e-mails temporarily, click "Join or leave the list (or change settings)." Under "Miscellaneous," check off "Mail delivery disabled temporarily." Repeat this process to start receiving mail again.

Subscribing and Unsubscribing with Email Commands
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Posting Instructions
To post a message, send it to

In order to make this list as efficient as possible for subscribers, we ask that "subject" line of your message appear as follows:

  • CFP: Panel Topic (deadline; conference title; conference date). 
  • Please use the American dating system of month/day/year.
  • The body of your message can be organized as you like, but should not include attachments and should contain the following information:
  • The complete (non-acronym) title of the conference or journal
  • The date and location of the conference
  • The title of the panel or journal special issue
  • A description of the topic
  • Your contact information for inquiries and submissions

Updates: If you need to alter information in a call for papers which has already been posted, you can send an update. The update should substitute the word UPDATE for CFP in the "subject" line. The body of the message should clearly indicate at the top what information has changed and should then include the rest of the information pertinent to the call.

Unacceptable messages: To protect subscribers from an unnecessary volume of messages, the following will NOT be posted, and you are therefore requested to refrain from sending:

  • mailings which are not calls for papers
  • mailings which are neither related to German themes nor interdisciplinary
  • multiple postings of the same call for papers.

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