Students will obtain a minor in Italian Studies by completing 15 credit hours in the areas of Italian language and/or Italian culture, literature, and film. Students can select any upper-division Italian language class (i.e., beyond ITAL 1200) and/or any culture course (e.g., Italian Civilization, Italian Cinema, Italian Women’s Studies, etc.) offered through the Italian program in the School of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures.

The Minor in Italian Studies offer a flexible and interdisciplinary program that can be tailored to meet individual interests. Courses with a dominant Italian component or with an emphasis on global culture and world languages offered by other MU departments or programs can count towards the Minor requirements. Students are also encouraged to take courses in accredited study abroad programs at affiliated institutions in Italy. Up to 6 of the required 15 credits can be earned in courses taken in an official study abroad program.

Students should meet with the Director of the Italian Studies Minor to discuss their plan of study and for approval of courses outside the Italian program.

The coursework in the Minor must be completed with a grade in the C range or higher, and students must maintain a GPA of 2.0.

Contact and Additional Information

For questions about the Minor in Italian Studies, course equivalency, or language placement test, contact Dr. Roberta Tabanelli (, Director of the Italian Studies Minor.