Professor Adriana Méndez Rodenas' article entitled “Un retrato decimonónico: Las memorias de Mercedes Merlin y la sociedad esclavista cubana” (A Nineteenth-Century Portrait: The Memoirs of Mercedes Merlin and the Cuban Slave Society) was recently published in the volume José Martí, modernismo(s), Estudios cubanos (José Martí, Modernism and Cuban Studies).

By way of introduction, the book is dedicated to Ivan Shulman, a renowned Caribbeanist and Cuban Studies scholar. It features new readings on José Martī, the 19th century patriot and poet who spearheaded the last Cuban Independence movement. 

Martí also founded the fin de siècle  literary movement known as modernismo. According to Mexican poet Octavio Paz, modernismo was the first authentic literary movement in Latin American letters. 



Photo of Adriana