Mamadou Badiane and Joseph Otabela have co-edited a volume of the prestigious Afro-Hispanic Review, a result of a conference they organized in Cameroon in 2019. 

The volume is  entitled, “Discourses and Counter-Discourses in African Literatures, Africa, and the African Diaspora,” and contains not only so many fascinating contributions by scholars around the world, but also two of their own publications, Dr. Badiane’s “Problemas identitarios en la literatura afrocaribeña,” and Dr. Otabela’s “A Journey of Initiation: Eximile and the Negro-African Migrant Subject in Inongo-ViMakomè’s Narrative.”

Dr. Badiane is the Director of the Afro-Romance Institute and Associate Professor of Spanish. His research and teaching focuses on Afro-Caribbean literature, culture, and history, particularly at the beginning of the twentieth century.

Dr. Otabela is the Director of Graduate Studies in Spanish. He specializes in the Latin American novel and Spanish African Literature.

Photo of the cover of the Afro-Hispanic Review