The Revista Cultural Centroamericana Carátula No. 100, under the direction of Sergio Ramírez (Miguel de Cervantes Prize 2018), has dedicated a dossier addressing studies on the poetry, narrative, cinematographic, and critical works of author Erick Blandón, which includes essays by scholar Julia Medina (University of San Diego California), the feminist writer Sofia Montenegro, filmmaker Iván Arguello and literary critic Anastasio Lovo.

In addition, Istmo Revista Virtual de Estudios Literarios y Culturales Centroamericanos No. 39, a peer review journal, comprehends an excellent semiotic analysis on Blandon’s novel Vuelo de Cuervos (A Flock of Ravens), written by David Montecino Vieria, doctoral candidate at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. All of these studies highlight the uniqueness and depth in Blandon’s literary and academic works, whose critical and aesthetic approach centers on the otherness in Central American particularly that of the Caribbean Afro-descendant communities.   

Prof. Blandon