SLLC Associate Professor of Russian, Dr. Martha Kelly, has just guided two SLLC graduate students to publish two collaborative translations of Russian poetry Dmitry Strotsev's poems, "let's gather words for a house," and "papa," through the Center for the Art of Translation.  

Recent SLLC graduates Anastasiia Gorlova (MA ’21), Elizaveta Korskaia (MA ’21) and Emily Kessel (BA ’21) had their collaborative poem translations published in the prestigious poetry translation journal Two Lines. (link here:

These translations and their publication came out of a SLLC faculty member Martha Kellly’s Russian Poetry course, taught in Spring 2021. In the course students learned not just about Russian poetry but also about Russian-language poetry from other parts of the world (including the US). For the collaborative final course project, they translated a number of poems from a volume by Dmitry Strotsev (b. 1963), a major Russian-language poet in Belarus. Strotsev directs the “Minsk School” project, dedicated to dissident and protest poetry of the Soviet era. In the fall of 2020, he was briefly incarcerated for participating in protests against President Lukashenko’s failure to concede his election loss.


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