Martha Kelly, Mar Soria & Roberta Tabanelli

Decolonizing Our Curricula: A Roundtable (Nov 11, 4-5.15pm)

Colonial legacies have shaped and continue to shape each field represented in the School of Languages, Literatures and Cultures—not only their subjects of study, but also disciplinary histories, research methodologies, canons and pedagogies. In this lightning-round panel select SLLC faculty and graduate instructors briefly describe their developing strategies to decolonize their classrooms. Similar to the format of the Reverse Teach-In, participants present for five minutes each, followed by Q&A/discussion. Participants speak to specific experiences/ ideas/ approaches as well as to the complexities and nuances of what it means to "decolonize" within institutions and disciplines that, often unconsciously, extend colonial legacies.



  • Elena Doludenko (Russian)
  • Sean Franzel (German)
  • Mary Jo Muratore (French)
  • Joseph-Désiré Otabela Mewolo (Spanish)
  • Guadalupe Pérez-Anzaldo (Spanish)
  • Roberta Tabanelli (Italian)
  • Marcel Tchatchou (French)
  • Moderator: Martha Kelly (Russian)


Resources mentioned in the roundtable:

image of zoom session